Andrew Wing
Owner, Designer, CEO

Education: St. Alban’s School, Washington DC, 1980
BA, Hamilton College, Clinton NY 1985

Like many residents of The Land Of Misfit Toys, Andrew’s career and life on Nantucket could be described as the summer job that never ended. As a seasonal resident throughout his childhood Andrew was captivated by the rugged intrigue of life on the Far Away Place. After graduating from college and spending several years traveling and working his way around the world Andrew was drawn back to the desolate beauty of Nantucket and to the industry which most suited his passion for wind and rain and rock and all things colorful and living. Andrew worked for eight years honing his skills as a master mason and landscape construction technician before founding WingWorks Landscape with Melissa in 1996.

Life, business, Nantucket have all grown and become more complicated but Andrew remains dedicated to the simple, remote beauty of Nantucket. This dedication to the ageless spirit of the island is his inspiration and the seed from which each of his gardens grows.